We give life to wonderful stuff

We have the dream of putting our ideas into user's computers, we'll focus on putting devices that will be able to make those dreams come true, both for us and our users by offering an affordable and compact platform for which we can deliver an inexpensive alternative to our customers who are looking to decrease running and maintenance costs on their business, our customers will be able to deliver their content through our cloud-based solutions providing the speed, privacy, stability and security they need for their users, we've also committed to give a better education in the form of computers on classrooms around the world by offering schools the necessary tools to offer children of the higher education that they deserve.

All the performance for a fraction of the power

Cost efficiency

Businesses are looking to cut costs and become much more efficient in the process. Applications need to be managed centrally as to eliminate software maintenance costs. We're able to provide the thin-client technology they need with all the security and functionality users require.

Multimedia powerhouse

By running Linux our clients can enjoy the media capabilities of a HTPC in a tiny package. Complete with a powerful 3D video decoder, users can playback all of their media content like HD without hurting the overall performance.

Your personal cloud

We facilitate the tools for our clients to distribute their services and/or applications to their users. We're working to eliminate the extra steps for end users to take on this wonderful technology, eliminating the need for local physical storage, and cut the cost of computing at large.