We have the dream of putting our ideas into user's computers

We focus on making devices and software that will enable to make dreams come true, both for us and our users by offering an affordable and compact platform for which we can deliver an inexpensive alternative to customers who are looking to decrease running and maintenance costs on their businesses. Our customers will be able to deliver their content through their newly acquired hardware solution providing the speed, privacy, stability and security they need for their own needs, we’ve also committed to offer an accessible way of obtaining knowledge in the form of easily obtainable computer systems for classrooms around the world by offering schools the necessary tools to provide the youth the higher education level that they deserve.

Supporting Open Source®

Learn how we support new Open Source projects through Backd®.

Smart solutions

Whether it's your personal information or your business we've got your back.

Technology for everyone

The capacity to enable people to reach their potential using our systems.

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