After years of uninterrupted service, Nitrux India comes to an end.


Today we're making the official statement that Nitrux India OPC. is closing down on the 28th of February of 2018. Nitrux India started as an offshoot of Nitrux S.A. (est. 2012 and later renamed Nitrux Latinoamericana S.C. in 2017) in 2015. The goal was to create web applications using emerging web technologies such as WebRTC. Our premier product, Typer.IM gathered the attention of many enthusiasts that were thrilled to learn more about our work.


In late 2014 we launched nDIsk, a cloud storage solution with an easy to use, simple user interface following Google's Material UI guidelines. Finally, we started working on a premier web building platform, Muire, and a collaborative social platform called Venturious.


Some years have passed, and we have moved on to other projects. Namely, Nitrux India ceases to exist, but it's sister company Nitrux Latinoamericana S.C. continues to develop new software such as the Linux distribution Nitrux OS and NX Desktop and expand on the Nitrux legacy we helped put forward. We believe in collaboration, and the internet is full of awesome people with projects that need help, and we believe our expertise would prove valuable to them. 


We are proud of the services we built and the community who helped grow Nitrux. Thank you once again for your support.


Our contact, donations, and staff email addresses will continue to be operational. For any inquiries, please use

From all of us at –
Nitrux India OPC. (aka, Nitrux India)

They told us the sky was the limit, but we decided to look far beyond.